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Bhc Chicken Marina Square Outlets In Singapore

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Is the Marina Square outlet open for dine-in? 

BHC Chicken is known for its unique fried chicken flavors, including:

  • Bburinkle Chicken: Crispy fried chicken coated with BHC’s signature cheese and vegetable-flavored seasoning.
  • Macho King: Fried chicken with aged soya sauce and honey-based oriental sauce.
  • Gold King: Crispy chicken drizzled with soya sauce, sweet honey, and garlic.

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Bhc Chicken Marina Square Outlets In Singapore

Bhc Chicken Myeongdong Reviews

Chun Wui TanChun Wui Tan
13:34 05 Feb 24
06:25 05 Feb 24
There are too many customers so I have to wait.Numbered ticket? The clerk wrote something like this.I want some water on the second floor too...
IHua ChenIHua Chen
20:24 04 Feb 24
The fried chicken and pickled radish are both delicious, but there are so many people and it takes a lot of patience to wait for your meal.
Joy JoiceJoy Joice
08:53 03 Feb 24
The chicken is ok even I prefer KFC in Thailand 🙂 and I think staffs were too tired to work well. I felt like I'm begging them.
05:44 03 Feb 24
We queued up early in the morning before the door opened, and were able to sit in an indoor seat. However, one of the waitresses had a very bad attitude (it seemed like we owed her a lot of money), but the other lady had a good attitude. The fried chicken is very delicious. I highly recommend MATCHO KING. Almost all the neighboring tables are Chinese.
zhilin khoozhilin khoo
13:28 08 Jan 24
Amazingly delicious chicken! The store is really popular so for takeaways do expect roughly 25 - 30 mins wait. The portion is enough for three grown adults - personally prefer the original flavor. Worth it!
Bianca HoBianca Ho
05:35 22 Dec 23
Extremely crowded and long queue.You will be given a number to then be called upon when your table is ready.We sat upstairs which wasn’t as loud as downstairs however service was extremely slow. Took almost 20 minutes to be served our beer and longer for our chicken.Chicken was ok, not the best I’ve had but we also ordered the boneless which isn’t my preference. Almost tasted like chicken nuggets- wouldn’t come back as the other chicken joints we’ve been to have hit the mark higher!
14:56 20 Dec 23
Bottom line up front: Not that great.Be prepared to wait: You’re looking at a 45 minute wait at peak times to be seated. The food itself then takes about 30 minutes on top of that. There are some outdoor heaters so waiting outdoors is bearable.I ordered a half fried half spicy chicken. The portion was very large and probably enough to feed two: I couldn’t come close to finishing it. It also wasn’t very good: While crisp, the chicken was overcooked and dry. The fried half was lacking in flavor, and the spicy half was too sweet.There were also a few flies in the restaurant.Overall, a good value but not really anything special or worth the wait. It’s probably OK if you’re doing delivery, but don’t wait an hour+ to eat it in person.
Hisson LiemHisson Liem
14:42 03 Dec 23
Putting higher expectation, but apparently did not really impress with the food as viral as their name.The taste is similar with other restaurant that I have tried.You will experience long waiting list on dinner time starting from 7 PM.Don't expect good attitude on the waiter / staff. Just Enjoy the food.
Wendy ChengWendy Cheng
20:29 27 Aug 23
Fried chicken for the solo diner please!What?I got the fried chicken platter. I got the original flavor. I did not specify the type of pieces I wanted, it came with a mix of pieces. There were probably roughly 8 pieces, not the typical american big pieces. The chicken was still hot and it was very crunchy. It did not seem oily at all. Sometimes when things are fried fresh , it is very oily, but this was not the case. I enjoyed my meal with my Cass Beer.EnvironmentThis is located right in MyeonDong, there are also a number of other fried chicken restaurants in the same strip. There is inside seating and also outside seating. I sat outside in the summer time.. it was quite hot... Seats are really close together but not uncommon for these places. I didn't go inside or upstairs so I do not know how big the space is.Niceness of the staffIn different. I was able to get a refill on my pickled radish fairly quickly.Dollar.Decent. This meal was 16000W. May be pricey for one person but if split with another person would be decent.Yes?Quite limited for solo diners, but would def return with more people.

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